Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lonely At The Top

Verne Troyer. He makes Terry Christian look sophisticated.

"There is nothing worse for a girl than being with a boy who doesn't know what he is doing in the bedroom.

"But I know exactly how to make a woman feel like a woman. I know the spot, and I've got plenty of inches where it matters. I know what women want and it's me."

Verne Troyer, interviewed in Daily India

I've been around the world
Had my pick of any girl
You'd think I'd be happy
But I'm not
Ev'rybody knows my name
But it's just a crazy game
Oh, it's lonely at the top

Listen to the band, they're playing
Just for me
Listen to the people paying
Just for me
All the applause-all the parades
And all the money I have made
Oh, it's lonely at the top

Listen all you fools out there
Go on and love me
I don't care
Oh, it's lonely at the top
Oh, it's lonely at the top
Words and Music by RANDY NEWMAN

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