Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday Morning

Say it quietly, but I may be getting better.

That nasty taste in my chest that was here yesterday has gone away. I woke when the alarm went off, feeling quite good, and - not exactly full of energy, but with a desire to do something.

It's the last day of my course of penicillin. I'm not going to phone the doctor until tomorrow.

I feel happy. I have a destiny to fulfil.

I shall spit.


Mel said...


Well, there's a piece of good news for the morning.

But--why you're waiting on calling the doc.......


fathorse said...


Been absent these last few weeks. Sorry to hear about the illness(es) - whadup bro?


Gordie said...

Thanks, Mel.

Hi, Horse! Good t'see ya. Not much to report here. Just filth, really. (And not the good kind.)