Thursday, 29 January 2009

Reboot My Talent

I'm declaring today 'Reboot My Talent Day'.

"Any idiot can face a crisis;
it’s day to day living that wears you out

In an ideal setting, I'd like to do that with a haircut, a pedicure and a smart suit of clothes. As it is, I'm doing it with a shave, a pot of coffee and a Van Morrison CD.

Oh, and I'm having fish for breakfast. Brain food.


fathorse said...

I'll have the haircut for you gordie :) (hopefully: I'm beginning to look like Ringo. I'm infatuated with myself enough as it is...)

What has brought about this reboot?

Gordie said...

End of chest infection (just about) and the fact that the phone keeps ringing about work projects.

I hope it's Ringo 1968 and not Ringo 2008. Clip, clip, clip go the Billy Shears.