Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gordie Is Officially Toxic

I went for a walk yesterday morning, then went back to bed at two o'clock and stayed there. When I woke up at 7:00 am, the radio was playing this lovely chilled out tune.

I love Yael Naim's voice, and this is a great song, but I have no patience right now with songs that compare being in love with being ill. Because I do feel really sick right now, and it's not about romance.

Although, of course, it could be about my relationship with myself.

Another lyric that kept coming into my head yesterday was 'Meet Me In The Morning' from Blood on The Tracks

They say the darkest hour
Is right before the dawn

Because I really hope that the drugs my doctor gave me are doing me some good, and the pain I feel right now is them doing their work. But of course, Bob goes and sings:

But you wouldn't know it by me
Every day's been darkness since you been gone.

Well, Dylan is Dylan, and he always writes his best stuff when he's having a hard time with his woman, and his breakup with Sara Lowndes produced two of the greatest albums ever... but c'mon you old genius, there's more to life than cars and girls.

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