Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Vomit, Damn It!

I used to have a German teacher who thought it was the funniest joke to say the German question and answer

Womit? (What with?)
Damit. (With that.)

as "Vomit! Damn it!" Since he was teaching a class of fifteen year old boys, his sense of humour was pretty much on the ball. ("Womit" is also Derbyshire slang for "go home", which must confuse any German tourists.)

In the nineties, I had a friend who described himself as suffering from Bulimic Amnesia ("I eat too much and then I forget to throw up.")

This thing I have going on in my chest is really challenging me. I have some stuff (some truly unpleasant stuff, actually) inside my lungs, which I need to get rid of. But I'm experiencing my symptoms as something inside me that is trying to drive me out of my own body. I have made a Major Metonymic Mistake. Meh.

I should be thankful I don't have Ariel's problem. The prospect of sex with a new partner makes her throw up. She's married now, so I hope that means the problem has subsided. I recommend her book and website Offbeat Bride, if you're thinking of getting unorthodoxly hitched.

Drinking: nothing at all
Listening: The Simpsons, through the wall.

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