Thursday, 15 January 2009

Be Seeing You

In memory of Patrick McGoohan

The man who embodied hope against despair in the coolest way imaginable.

"Where am I?"
In the Village.
"What do you want?"
"You won't get it."
By hook or by crook, we will.
"Who are you?"
The new Number Two.
"Who is Number One?"
You are Number Six.

"I am not a number — I am a free man!"

1 comment:

Donn Coppens said...

He always had that je ne sais qoui thingy workin' for him.

Erudite and detached and yet still sort of an everyman...albeit one getting chased down a beach by a giant balloon.

Ooh he was such a prick in Rob Roy!

I don't appreciate these people expiring..that means that my time is coming too...and unlike them, I won't live ad infinitum on re-runs.

Goodbye Patrick.