Sunday, 29 June 2008

Unexpected Conversation of the Weekend

Host: "How are you enjoying the party?"
Gordie: "Great. I was just talking to Derek"

"Ah, you met Derek. He's a good bloke."
"Yeah, and his mum's really nice, too."

"Don't go there."

"Just don't go there. It doesn't matter how big your dick is, or how thick. If you sleep with Derek's mum, you will wake up in a pool of blood, going Oh. My. God."

"Thanks for the advice..."


I, like the view, still said...


I think I missed something. . .

on the other hand, perhaps I don't want to hear the explanation

Gordie said...

I think my friend assumed when I said Derek's mum was really nice, I meant I fancied her. But I just meant she was nice.

Then, my friend warned me that it was not a good idea to go to bed with this lady. I got that much. I didn't want any more details.

(But I was curious...)