Thursday, 19 June 2008

Call and Response

"A regular booty call partner can be much more satisfying for a woman than a string of one-night stands, because it usually takes a few sessions to teach a new man the various routes to your happy place.

"And if you're not demanding orgasms from your casual sex,
then you're kinda missing the point, aren't ya?"

(thanks to Em and Lo for that little tip.)

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Donn said...

I concur.
Beggers can't be choosers and Ladies, if you don't know how to scratch yer own itch then it's your own damn fault.

For over three decades now that damn COSMO magazine has filled women with the notion that they should expect to enjoy sex and (gasp) even climax during intercourse.

As if we men have enough spare time for that sort of nonsense...
well the horse has left the barn so now we're stuck with it.

Ladies, if you leave it until the last minute and pick up some guy, chances are very good that you will find yourself bebeath some drunken, random, stud who will merrily woodpecker his way into the fastest copulation record in Guiness.

Unfortunately most Human males take weeks, sometimes even months, of training in order to teach them how to even pleasure incarcerated nymphomaniacs on ecstasy!

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Find an old school chum who is married and has atleast 4 young children.

His availability will be limited, he's prolly had the basics taught to him by his starter wife, you're fairly familiar with his personality or lack thereof, and most of importantly he will be STARVING for SEX!

For insurance you can keep compromising photos to show to his wife and father-in-law if he starts getting attached.

Happy Hunting.