Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Somebody Might Wave Back

Seven o'clock in the morning
And I'm riding the overnight train
I've got ten tons of luggage
But I left it behind when I came
I look at my watch,
Says September seventeen
We're riding past some place
Where I've never been
And I'm waving through the window as we go.

Somebody says "Well, hey,
what are you waving at?"
Well what have I got to lose?
Somebody might wave back

Seven o'clock in the morning,
I'm carrying bags under my eyes
Been awake all night,
Counting the hours to sunrise
Drawing patterns on the tabletop
I lift my gaze
And my mouth just dropped
Someone waving in the window at me

And I say "Hey there,
What are you waving at?"
He says "What do I have to lose,
somebody might wave back"

What do I have to lose,
somebody might wave back.

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