Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Won't you let me
Walk you home from school?
Won't you let me
Meet you at the pool?
Maybe Friday I can
Get tickets for the dance
And I'll take you

Won't you tell your dad
To get off my back?
Tell him what we said
about "Paint It Black"
Rock and roll is here to stay
Come inside now, it's OK
And I'll shake you
Oh, oh, oh

Won't you tell me
What you're thinking of?
Would you be an outlaw
For my love?
If it's so then let me know
If it's no then I can go
And I won't make you

Big Star


Michelle Dawn said...

That picture reminds me of Poldark. Paul and I just finished the series. I LOVE British television. American TV just doesn't compare. We've watched loads of series on DVD: Big Deal, The Singing Detective, Afterlife, Cracker, The Office, Sea of Souls, Black Adder, Faulty Towers, Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, Spooks, The Green Wing and Poldark! The thing is they always end too early :(

Gordie said...

Wow, babysitting must be such fun in your house. The picture is Ludwig van Beethoven, aged 13.

Michelle Dawn said...

Aha! Well, you know it makes sense that the photo reminded me of Poldark because that show is set at the end of the 1700s -right when Beethoven was in his glory.