Thursday, 12 June 2008

Football Crazy

I'm enjoying watching Euro 2008.

I've managed to persuade myself that drinking in front of a wide screen TV is actually a very good way to work through the writer's block that's been making my PhD so difficult, and reconnect to being a storyteller, a dramatic narrator in control of his material.

I've been watching Austria vs. Poland, tonight, and for some reason the commentator keeps saying "f*** her t**s".

Now, I'll grant you, there are times when that could be good advice, but not normally during a sporting event, especially not an all-male international football match.

I've had to step over to Google and discover that in fact, Austria are fielding a defender by the name of Emanuel Pogatetz. Suddenly, it all makes sense. Excuse me, while I kiss this guy.

(For anyone who isn't interested in football - the team that humiliated England has just humiliated Germany, so it's all right now.)


Vicus Scurra said...

One of the goalkeepers is called "Bollocks", but I think that Germany don't have Kuntz any more.
I hope that this helps.

Gordie said...

Yes. I think "Bollocks" plays for Glasgow Celtic, which seems quite appropriate. Your help is appreciated.

MJ said...

Egad. Vicus comes here.