Monday, 15 December 2008

Unbepissed In Apricity

Thanks to the magic of the Oxford English Dictionary (and people who write about dictionaries) I know that I am experiencing apricity this morning.

Apricity means winter sunlight, and it is streaming through my window, warming me (I'm writing in a tee-shirt) and making it hard to see the computer screen. What a very useful word to know.

Another, far less useful, word in the OED is unbepissed. It means 'not being urinated on'. It describes me accurately. But I'm not sure why anybody needed to invent a word for it.

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Mel said...

And JUST when I think I'm learning a new word (discomknockerated)from the OED, himself laughs and tells me it's a made up word.

I'm gonna find a REASON to use this one on him. (Not saying which one. HA!!!)