Thursday, 11 December 2008

Gordie Is A Dirty Old Man

Nothing says 'Dirty Old Man' quite like a good hacking, wheezing cough. Today, I am in good humour, and sounding like Wilfred Brambell, the actor who played Albert Steptoe in Steptoe and Son.

In real life, Mr. Brambell was actually rather posh, and gay in a time when you weren't allowed to be.

American readers may recognise him from A Hard Day's Night, where he played Paul McCartney's granddad. There was a running joke all through the film that they kept referring to him as 'a very clean old man'.

His character was also supposed to be a member of the IRA, and kept ranting about how much he hated the British, which makes me think that people didn't take the IRA very seriously in 1964.

with subtitles for the hard of hearing

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Donn Coppens said...

Remember Paul's polite protest song in the 70s

"Give Ireland back to the I-rish"

..and yet, the "cute one" somehow still managed to be indentured?
Makes you wonder what it's really all about doesn't it?