Thursday, 7 August 2008

Paris Hilton Enters Race For President

Last week John McCain put out an attack ad comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Now, Hilton has put out a spoof video hitting back at McCain, the "oldest celebrity in the world" and a wrinkly, white haired dude, and declaring herself "totally hot" and "ready to lead".

Paris Hilton shows off her presidential credentials.
You can see more funny videos at Funny or Die

I think it's no more than McCain deserved. His team tried to portray Obama as superficial and inexperienced (he could have just said: young and popular, but that would have been too kind) and got bitten in the backside by a real celebrity. (Some men would pay good money for that experience...) I think Paris is not as dumb as she's made out to be in the media, and certainly knows how to milk a crowd.

So: what about Obama's riposte, that McCain was attacking Obama because the Republicans have no positive message, and are trying to scare the voters?

"They're gonna try to say that I'm a risky guy. They're gonna try to say, well, you know, he's got a funny name. And he doesn't look like all the presidents on the dollar bills and the five dollar bills."

McCain's people didn't like that one bit. Campaign chief Rick Davis said that "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck." Really? Let's go to Union Missouri, and replay the video of Barack's bottom of the deck moment, courtesy of a local reporter. It comes after 19 minutes, so you can press fast forward, as Jay-Z says.

I didn't see any racial tension being stirred up there. I saw a black man telling a joke, and a crowd of white people laughing. Because it was funny. And true.

Britney Spears has a funny name, and she doesn't look like the presidents on the dollar bills and the five dollar bills.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think there's a striking resemblance. It must be the snake...

Patrick Roberts said...

Paris has done an awesome job, yet again of using events to boost her own PR... she's a thinker alright

I, like the view said...

I wish I "did" politics, so I could make a meaningful comment

Z said...

It's made me wonder if there's more to Paris than meets the eye, too. McCain is certainly fighting dirty, which shows he is worried. And Bill is a bad loser who can't say something nice even if that helps the opposition.

Wonder if our election will be this much fun?

Anonymous said...

Pish, 'course it won't. It'll be boring, just the way we like it.