Friday, 29 August 2008

Reputation Management

Have you ever done that thing where you type someone's name into Google, to see what you get?

Like, someone who you remember from your neighbourhood, when you were growing up?

Someone who used to hang out with one of your cousins, maybe? And you think they might have become successful, or famous... or notorious?

And have you then found them listed as "... is married and regularly takes it up the arse" ?


So it's just me, then?


I, like the view said...

no, no, no, no, yes

(hope I got the right number of "no"s)

I, like the view said...


(think I missed one) (the penultimate one)

Mel said...


Only, I'm almost sure I didn't miss one of the no's..

*counting on fingers*

Z said...

It's just you, Gordie.

Queen Vixen said...

Not quite but had a few suprises.

Gordie said...

And now this blog has picked up a Google ranking I didn't really want :-(

I suppose Mark will appreciate the company.

Donnnnn said...

I have only been Googled once..
and it was back in College so it doesn't really count.


Gordie said...

But did you inhale?