Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Seven Ages Of Gordie - #2

My Age:

What Happened:

How I Coped:


Learned to read and walk.
Reading was brilliant. Walking was crap. Discovered that falling over and cutting myself used to really upset my mother.

My father told me not to upset my mother. So I didn't.I decided to stay indoors. Discovered a world in which I felt much more at home. Warmer, too...


Z said...

I used to read about things rather than doing them. I was quite an armchair expert, but completely ham-fisted in practice.

Leila said...

If you learn to read early, it sticks with you hey?

Adoooorable pic!

Mel said...

Kinda amazing the things we choose to crawl in to, huh?

Nice Superman jammies! ;-)


I was a 'house' cat too. Outside I envisoned a dangerous place full of hungry Bears, T Rex, and Sabre Tooth Cats.

Stayed in the car when the folks went visiting too...sometimes they'd bring supper out to the car for me.

Didn't learn how to read until I was about 15...loved the pictures though!