Sunday, 7 September 2008

Bangin' Tune

I'm not sure if somebody my age is supposed to have an opinion about such things, but the Hervé 'refix' of 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica is brilliant. Check it out on Hervé's MySpace


Donnnnn said...

Gadzooks his Sandman is sick!
Do kids still use that term?

Either way his funky treatment will replace the images of those awkward headbangin' Metalheads that I store in the dark corners of me noggin.

Gordie said...

I heard Chris Martin say "Gimme a sick beat" to Pharrell Williams, but I think they're both quite old guys nowadays.

"Gadzooks" is tad passe, but still state of the art in Saskatchewan, I believe.

I, like the view said...

erm, how old is "my age", dear gordie?

Gordie said...

It begins with an F... and ends with a long sigh.

Gordie said...

I'm old enough to remember David Cassidy walking on the moon. (Or was it Sting?)

I remember when Mrs Thatcher stole our school milk. I remember when Mark Spitz looked like Freddie Mercury, and Freddie Mercury still looked like a girl. And nobody admitted to being gay, except David Bowie, who later admitted he'd been lying.

"Femme de Menage - A woman of my age" (Entry in Spike Milligan's French phrase book.)

Perfect Virgo said...

Talking of music, I saw the legendary Freddy Mercury and Queen as a support band. In 1973 they opened for the awesome Mott the Hoople at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens. See, I can be packed and ready for a nostalgia trip at a moment's notice.