Monday, 5 May 2008

Get Britain Breast Feeding

It's International Midwives' Day today, which gives me a good reason to blog about three things dear to my heart - women, babies, and breasts.

The charity Best Beginnings wanted to do something about the image breastfeeding has in the UK. For some reason, despite the fact that images of women's breasts are everywhere , the knowledge that you can also pop one into a baby's mouth and give it a healthy meal is somehow seen as a bit meh.

Less than 2 per cent of British babies are exclusively breastfed at six months, which is what the World Health Organisation recommends for all babies. Young mothers (20 and under) are particularly reluctant to feed. The winning poster campaign by two students at Central St. Martins celebrates 'cool, multitasking breasts' and emphasises that breastfeeding enhances intimacy and emotional bonding between a woman and her baby, and a woman and her partner.

By Sophie Barker and Kayleigh Brooks for Get Britain Breast Feeding
(Best Beginnings Central Saint Martins Poster Competition)
Read the blog post at Boinkology
Read the article in the Independent


Michelle Dawn said...

Hey, it's great to see a man advocate breastfeeding. I'm not certain of the Canadian stats, but I'm sure they aren't much better. I go to La Leche League meetings and most of the women who attend are in their mid to late thirties. Where are all the young breastfeeding moms?

Anonymous said...

I am a young mom who has been exclusively breastfeeding for 8 months! I am proud to say! but also am sad that there aren't more young moms like me who choose to do what is best for their babies.
All in all, LOVE this post :)
keep up the breastfeeding advocacy we need more men on our side!