Saturday, 17 May 2008

Saturday Night Special

The divine Miss Piggy struts her stuff in the latest electro-disco style.
(Not suitable for under-18s)


I, still, like the view said...

I couldn't watch that all the way thru it was so gross!

don't think I'll ever be aqble to watch The Muppets again now


Beverley said...

Ha! I managed to watch till the end, but then, I'm 'ard...and she IS beautiful

Dash said...

I can understand why I,S,LTV might find this disturbing but I thought it was great.

Any idea what the tune is?

Gordie said...

The tune is "Fuck The Pain Away" by a Canadian singer called Peaches. The original video is on YouTube, and is in black and white, and even stranger.