Monday, 5 May 2008

Boys Will Be Girls

I just think this is such a cool advert.

Philips wanted to promote their new epilator as much less painful to use, so who do they get to demonstrate it? A male-to-female transsexual. His / her name is Karis, and s/he looks to me like a younger Teri Hatcher.

I love the tagline "like all men, he's not good with pain" (that's bound to appeal to women) but also the way he says

"It's never really about fooling people, it's just about me doing what I feel most comfortable with - you know, try and send a message of beauty out there."

Maybe if I can lose enough weight to look good for the beach this summer, this could be my next target.


KAZ said...

I love this - if only all the ads were so creative.

Anonymous said...

That's the epilator I use.


I'm not sure what to read into that...

Gordie said...

It means you take pride in your appearance.