Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Writing and Honesty

I haven't blogged much recently, I know. I have felt like blogging, but have been preoccupied with writing and honesty. It's a hard topic to explain, but I can share this:

  1. Writing honestly frees up my insides. It clears all the accumulated nard down there and releses energy, so that I can be creative again.

  2. Writing honestly involves writing as though there wasn't an audience. Writing proper sentences, not just scribbling rough notes. Doing real writing, not a rehearsal for writing. But writing as though I didn't care what my audience thought about me.

I do care what you think about me. (I don't mean you, per se, I mean whoever reads me.) I also care about what I have to say. And communicating ideas requires some compassion, and some persuasiveness... but also, I've realised, a readiness to step back from both of those qualities. To step a little further away from you, and closer to me.

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Mel said...

Well said.

Writing to get closer to me is pretty much a 'required' thing.

I'm glad...