Saturday, 21 February 2009

Gordie is Sluggish

I have achieved moderate amounts of good work today. Moved furniture, thrown away crap, dealt with bits of administrivia, done laundry, and eaten an unprecedented number of Muller Fruit Corners.

But I am not In My Flow.

(Flow, according to a psychologist whose fascinating book I read, is an almost automatic, effortless, yet highly focused state of consciousness, in which you are fully immersed in what you are doing with a feeling of energized focus, fully involved in the process and the outcome.)

I have spent too little of my life in my flow.

Most often, I have gone through life as though something life-threatening was only inches in front of me, like poor Mr Slug here.

Wouldn't your life be ruled by fear, if you were a slug in a maze made of salt?

Things are changing. I took on the mission, a year or so ago, of writing myself a new life-story, and using this blog to put it out in the world. I know it's been episodic and pretty cryptic.

That's because I still feel like I'm looking through a kaleidoscope, that splits everything up and gives it back to me every which way.

I'm learning not to be overwhelmed.

I'm learning to be in the moment. I'm learning new ways of paying attention. I'm beginning to venture into the slipstream.


fathorse said...

Flow - when I read your definition I immediately thought of when I'm writing something creative. It might take two or three hours to get all the words down but I don't notice - it all just seems to be happening and I don't have time to notice anything else. Weirdly though, the next thing I thought of was sitting an exam - As soon as I'm sat down and the invigilator says 'go' I go into the zone and don't emerge for another two hours when the exam ends and I put my glasses back on and remember where I am...

Perhaps you need to take more exams Gordie. xxxx

Mel said...

Oh, that being present in the moment was a tough one for me. Practice, practice, practice.....seems I was forever dragging things from yesterday or tomorrow in to today. But I gotta tell ya, being where my feet ARE today--makes it worth the efforts.

I hope you discover the same for you.
And the cryptic, episodic stuff--dunno about you....but 90% of weblogging is about me and for me.
Ah.....but that other 10% has been priceless and a gift for my soul.

Have an awesome TODAY.

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