Thursday, 12 February 2009

Am I Nearly There Yet?

I've always felt cheated out of my last six weeks in the womb, and a big theme in my life has been to figure exactly how to compensate for not having what I needed, when I needed it.

Being born is something you have to do for yourself. It's taken me a while to finish it off, but I think I'm just about there.

Hello, world.


Mel said...

I was a premature baby. An 'accident', admittedly.

Surprisingly, I don't feel 'cheated' out of anything by that--other than potentially a 'wrong' horoscope?


fathorse said...

Was a measly two weeks early, myself. To this day I like to arrive at appointments with an embarrassing amount of time to spare.

You are lucky to have just been born - now you can go on with life knowing which mistakes not to make :)

lv fathorse xx

p.s. Foxy pic of bobby up there. I think my new crush is almost as hot as he is. That's how bad it has become. In my head, we are married and have three children. He is the new Brad Pitt. I am the new Bowie. *nods*

I need a life.

Gordie said...

My birth was induced; I didn't just pop out, I was forced out. When my mum finally told me the story, a couple of years ago, she described it as 'abuse'. Then the nurses sent her home and kept me in hospital for about ten days. Not really what either of us wanted.