Monday, 23 February 2009

Sometimes, Reason Is A Disease

Since I'm a person who got labelled "clever" at an early age (and a very empowering label it has been. mostly) I feel pleased and relieved that my intelligence hasn't led me into the dead end that some people get into.

This BBC article describes what's like to be completely rational, all the time.

Elliot endlessly deliberated over irrelevant details, like whether to use a blue or black pen, or what radio station to listen to, or where to park his car.

When choosing where to eat lunch, Elliot would carefully consider the restaurant's menu, seating plan, and lighting scheme. He would then drive to each restaurant to see how busy it was.

But all this analysis was for naught. Elliot still didn't know what to do. Pure reason is a disease.
Bollocks to that, say I. I like my emotions.
I like to write songs. I like to rock and roll.

I don't want to be rational, thank you.
I'd rather be a crazy deranged fool.


Mel said...

I hope I've ceased cursing my intellect.

I know I haven't ceased cursing that 'feeling' jass. LOL Oh heck, EVERYone knows I haven't ceased that one!

Don't MAKE me bust out in a Barry Manilow song! :-P

Gordie said...

Sings: "Everyone knows I haven't ceased cursin..."

(Not sure I know that one.)