Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day

A very happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends.
(and to the lovely Dash, if she's in Canada)

I hope your beavers are all buzzing!


Perfect Virgo said...

Since moving to Canada I have discovered how exceedingly patriotic Canadians are. They sing songs about their Country, the various Provinces and Cities and they are proud of their famous people. It doesn't seem at all cheesy though - because in contrast to the UK, Canada is huge yet sparsely populated, there is no gun crime, racial tension or political madness. Yes, Canadians can feel justifiably proud and have earned the right to have Canada Day.

Try to imagine singing a song about Hampshire or Devon or even staking a claim for St George's day to be a public holiday called England Day. Tell people you are proud of your home-grown British singers, authors and poets. Good grief, we would get hounded out of the UK, Gordie.

Z said...

Dam good, indeed, Gordie.

Michelle Dawn said...

Tonight is the biggest party of the year! Fireworks, music and drunks from coast to coast:) Gotta love it.

Dash said...

Happy Canada day to you too, Gordie.

Gordie said...

PV says 'sparsely populated', michelle says 'drunks from coast to coast'. The woman has an eye for detail... I think I've been lucky with the parts of England I've lived in, but you're very lucky where you are.