Saturday, 18 April 2009


Since I'm finding it so difficult to blog at the moment (in fact, to do any kind of writing) I may as well attempt to write about not being able to write.
  1. I'm doing okay. My friend's trial (the weirdest school reunion imaginable) brought up some very unpleasant childhood memories, but it's all for the good.

  2. The words "I wish I'd never been born" are less true than they have ever been. (I just haven't stopped saying them.) I might get used to this place, y'know...

  3. That dead badger I was complaining about? I don't think it really was a badger. I think I just ate something that disagreed with me. Like... a bath towel. And I didn't chew it properly.

  4. Everything happened when I was thirteen. I don't mean literally everything, not things like the moon landings or Princess Diana, or Richard Curtis making a good film. But it was a time of teenage weirdness.

  5. And I had nobody I could talk to about it.

  6. I'm ready to talk now.

  7. I'm not really ready to talk, not yet.


Anonymous said...

I'll kick you until you talk. I'll do my good-cop/bad-cop routine.

Z said...

Talking to yourself is good, if you're not ready to speak the words yet. Blogging, too. Take care of yourself, dear Gordie.

Mel said...

There's such a thing as being 'really ready' to talk 'stuff' that one's never been allowed/empowered/felt 'okay' about talking about?

Sometimes we just need to forge on to do it anyway, yaknow?
Scary as that might seem.

But what do I know.

<-- barely knows what's good for her very rare occasions