Saturday, 29 November 2008

Could Female Orgasms Kill Men?

Apparently, there's a good chance they would.. Thanks to Science and Supermodels for this advice, which is another good reason to put your partner's pleasure first, chaps.

"If theta waves are taken as a criterion, the entire brain emits theta waves when women reach an orgasm that are close to 10 times stronger than when men climax. So, if theta waves are an indication of an orgasm's strength, then women experience an orgasm that is physically impossible for men to go through.

Putting it a little crudely, if the intensity of a woman's orgasm was played through a man's brain, there's a danger that the shock to his system would kill him. That risk makes it impossible to experiment on a man at the moment. And men can never become women."

Dr. Kunio Kitamura
Head of the Japan Family Planning Association

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Z said...

You see, it's yet another burden that women take upon themselves to spare our lovely men. Sometimes, multiple times. We appreciate the acknowledgment of our self-sacrifice.