Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Weary Willie and Tired Tim

Weary Willie and Tired Tim were cartoon characters in a comic that had ceased to exist long before I was born (the picture above shows them recruiting unemployed soldiers to go and fight in the Boer War) but my Nana always used to mention them whenever children looked tired.

I was working in The Great Wen last week, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (which included a couple of new business opportunities, and drinks by the river with one of the women I love) but once I came home I felt seriously tired.

That's how it usually is when I go to London. I enjoy the buzz, and then I crash and burn. I'm wise enough now, to know its coming, and to accept it. I've been going to bed early, and setting the alarm clock a half-an-hour later. Three days seems to have got me right.

And now I find myself thinking about sleep, and tiredness, and taking good care of myself (which I do, some of the time, because if I don't, nobody else will.) I always wanted to stay up late when I was a child, and I never felt good about being tired. But it's a message from my body... and my body is my soul, and I need to learn to listen to it.

The unwanted side-effects of a good education


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Tim said...

In the late 1890s, when she was very young, my grandmother yawned a lot, so her family called her "Weary Willie and Tired Tim". This was soon shortened to "Tim". Her husband, my grandfather, always called her "Tim" - right up until he died the 1980s. Any that's why my name is "Tim". I'm named after my grandmother!